The WeaverFi API is the easiest way to make the most out of WeaverFi functionality!

Unlike other APIs, you can get your API keys and manage them entirely on‑chain. This is made possible with 3PI, an open‑source, on‑chain key management system.

Get a key for free to try out the API, or pay for a higher rate limit using USDC in a fully trustless manner. If the API doesn't fit your needs, withdraw your unused funds anytime.

Both the API's code and this front‑end's code are open‑source and available on our GitHub!

Find the API's full OpenAPI specifications here.

Manage your keys

Connect your wallet to check on and manage your keys!

API Key Tiers

Weekly Monthly
3k requests 100 /day
~$10 $0.35 /day
30k requests 1000 /day
~$24 $0.78 /day
91k requests 3000 /day
~$50 $1.64 /day
243k requests 8000 /day

About our API keys

Our API key management contracts use a completely trustless subscription model where your deposited balances are used to pay per second to keep your keys active. Any unused balances remain completely in your control and can be withdrawn at any time to terminate your subscription.

During the first 24 hours of activating a new key, your rate limit will linearly increase towards your tier's allowed query limit:

Rate Limits Chart

In order to change key tiers, simply cancel your previous key and create a new one with your desired tier. This will return to you all unspent balances from the previous key, allowing you to re-deposit towards your new key.

About WeaverFi

WeaverFi is the solution to scalability issues of existing portfolio trackers. An ever‑expanding repository of tools for the everyday DeFi user and a robust framework for anyone to integrate their own dapp.